Sunday Songtext
von Joey Fatts

Sunday Songtext

See I rather take my chances with God and
then cash out
Monday through Sunday, I'm on that one way
Gotta get this money, niggas be fronting
Cause we ain't got nothing
Can't [?] round these killers
Don't test your fate with my niggas
Stump through that paper like a scription
Breaking bread like communion
In the streets with my niggas
No Sunday school on the block we students
Gotta get it nigga, [?] full of pot no skillets
Stashing worth my bigs, it's specific nigga
Lead that boy holy on a Sunday, them one
way niggas cut through
And nigga wanna be famous, forty hit 'em up
Have 'em on a t-shirt, for the promo
Slide by myself for the fo fo
[?] man nigga how's dolo
Say you gotta, but you know all these niggas
like to front though
But I'm still at a nigga front though
All on a Sunday
Posted try'na make it out on Sunday
Nigga, you can get shot on a Sunday
(Where you at) Boy I'm on that block on
Should be in church, nigga thanking god on
But I'm serving hard on Sunday
Banging hard on Sunday
Should be in church, nigga thanking god on
But I'm fucking bitches on Sunday
Buy my interest on Sunday
But I'm thankful that I'm still living on Sunday
Lord I know you love a nigga, so much you
gave your only son
But tell me if you still love a nigga, if I skip
church to have some fun
You saying boat with this game I run
Make a ho out of a Catholic nun
Looked at a young nigga tell me "I'm the one"
Took her home, on the dick had her speaking
in tongues
I don't talk shit, I just speak with my gun
When I spit sound like a nigga beating the
If he hits, stick a fork in them ducky-dum, I should cop re-run
Already fucked, do you want a refund
Acting like a billy bitch, but you dropping
Got that old credit like last week hun
Nails done, on the first kiss date he [?]
Stretching work like some play-do or stocking
All my hoes stretch San Diego past stocking
Fuck the time and I put the time in, Monday
through Sunday
And the big homie rides with the bottle on the
And a nigga still about that gunplay
Niggas want the beef, then ok
Murk this bitch like OJ and I'm back posted
up on that one-way

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