Chipper Jones II Songtext
von Joey Fatts

Chipper Jones II Songtext

Guess who's back in the motherfucking house
But this time we want the bricks nigga, then we out
And if he don't comply, nigga blow his brains out
My whole family banged out so I went the same route
Moving birds down south, me and my niggas
Trapping on the block till the fed's come get us
Mellow young guy, grew up listening to Dilla
But don't get it fucked up, I still trip a nigga
Never had a father figure, I grew up in these streets
Straight G, keep a heater, never getting cold feet
Known to get it cracking so the homie's love me
So whenever it's action, know they riding for me
Snitch niggas get they fucking mama chip
Rising to prominence you other niggas counterfeit
Swing a punch, I got a forty-five to counter it
That's what you get for starting shit, you on the corners counting split

Never gon' change
Still be that same motherfucker from the gang
Chilling with my niggas and you know they rep the same
Serving bricks, getting money, all my niggas gang bang
Motherfucker and we 'bout it
Masked up, hammer tucked, down to bust
Looking for a nigga while I'm blowing on this cannibus
Catch you niggas slipping, cock it back and do him scandalous
Toting big choppers, A.I. with the handles bruh'

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