God Is God Songtext
von Joan Baez

God Is God Songtext

I believe in prophecy
Some folks see things not everybody can see
And once in a while they pass the secret along to you and me

And I believe in miracles
Something sacred burning in every bush and tree
We can all learn to sing the songs the angels sing

Yeah, I believe in God and God ain't me

I've traveled around the world
Stood on mighty mountains and gazed across the wilderness
Never seen a line in the sand or a diamond in the dust

And as our fate unfurls
Every day that passes I'm sure about a little bit less
Even my money keeps telling me it's God I need to trust

And I believe in God but God ain't us

God, in my little understanding, don't care what name I call
Whether or not I believe doesn't matter at all

I receive the blessings
That every day on Earth's another chance to get it right
Let this little light of mine shine and rage against the night

Just another lesson
Maybe someone's watching and wondering what I got
Maybe this is why I'm here on Earth, and maybe not

But I believe in God and God is God

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