The Cowboy's Prayer-S Songtext
von Jimmy Dean

The Cowboy's Prayer-S Songtext

i'm not much good at prayin' and You might not know me Lord
cause I ain't much seen in churches where they preach Your Holy Word
but I guess You might have seen me out here on these lonely plains
lookin' after cattle feelin' thankful when it rains
admirin' that great handy work the miracle of grace
aware of that kind Spirit and the way it comes to pass
hard men on horseback and the livestock that we tend
we can look up at the stars at night and know we got a Friend
well here's old crisps coming on reminding us again of Him who's coming brought goodwill into the hearts of men
now a cowboy ain't no preacher Lord
but if You just hear my prayer
I'll ask as good as what we got for all men everywhere
don't let no hearts be bitter Lord
let no child be cold
make easy beds for them that's sick and them that's weak and old

let kindness bless the trail and light
no matter what we're after and
sorta keep us by Your side in tears aswell as laughter
now I've seen old cows that's starvin' and it ain't no happy sight
so please leave no-one hungry Lord on this Thy Christmas night
no man no child no woman no critter on four feet
and I aim to do the best I can to help You find them chuck to eat
now I'm just a lonely cowpoke Lord and got no business prayin'
still I hope You'll hear a word or two of what it is I'm sayin'
we speak a merry Christmas Lord
I think that You'll agree that there can't be a merry Christmas for a man if he ain't free
so one thing more I'll ask You Lord
just help us what You can
to save some seeds of freedom
for the future sons of man

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