Living With Ghosts Songtext
von Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

Living With Ghosts Songtext

Saturday morning cartoons running
Bounds on your chest
Sounding the crack of your belt
And we knew what was best

You can laugh it away
You can cry and you might

Remember how proud that you were
And the look on your face
Watching me play thinking
We might get out of this place

You can wash it away
Try with all your might
But you can't make them disappear
But you can take all their pictures down
One thing 'bout living with ghosts
Well they're always around

Mister I don't do anything
Mister you got your voice so sing
Of the man that I'm going to be
But I'm not lost inside... of me

Spin the backyard dancing circles
To sounds in your head
Took me years to make up my own so
I sleep in your bed

You can pack it away
You can seal the box tight
You can take all my pictures down
But you can't make me disappear
One thing 'bout living with ghosts
Is they're nothing to fear

Miss confused about everything
Misses bound by a wedding ring
Hope he's a man that you wished I could be
Cause you're not lost inside... of me

You can laugh it away
You can try and you might
You can run straight away
Stand your ground with no fight

I've learned to embrace my fears
And keep most of my demons down
I'm one in a myraid of ghosts
In myself I have found

Sometimes I don't feel anything
Except the goodness in heart you bring
Cannot plan what were going to be
Cause I'm not lost inside... of me
No I'm not lost inside... of me
No you're not lost inside... of me

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