The Set Songtext
von Jet Life

The Set Songtext

[Verse 1: Trademark Da Skydiver]
I can't call it, it's going too good to spoil it
I made a couple grands fast off my last recordings
I'm in it for the cash straight looking past the stardom
Survival of the fittest, watch me outlast all of 'em
Tryna ball like them Globetrotters but I ain't from Harlem
I'm out New Orleans where niggas don't make it out often
Yeah, nonetheless I'm blessed
Dead presidents in my pockets so my Levi's like a coffin
Boss amongst bosses I guess it's in my DNA
Growing up I looked up to them G's who was getting paid
Imitated they moves and repeated everything they say
Was taught to keep it trill no matter what stay away from the fakes
Earn my cake never talk to jakes watch for snakes
Niggas hate, that's just part of the game, the real can relate
Stack ya change, best believe I'm out here doing the same
Carving a lane out in this game getting paid off my name
Ya know?
[Hook: x2]
It ain't no time for B-S, P.S

I bet they give us respect
No doubt, we next
J-E-T-S, no time for recess
You fuckin' round with the best, The Set
[Verse 2: Young Roddy]
My vision get blurry every time I visit cloud nine
Yeah I agreed when they told me this world mine
Why follow when a blind leading the blind
Still on my job, I'm on my grizzly, on my grind
Small nigga stand tall as a giant
Stayed to myself man they used to call me quiet
Be the first to say I wudn't always the flyest
No shame in my game girl, I used to 9 to 5 it
Now that picture crystal clear like I'm using Comet
College wasn't for me but I tried it
I know a kid that will kill over blood diamonds
But I got good sense, I stayed away from nonsense
Even though I done been through all kinda shit
But I see straight through 'em these niggas counterfeit
And it's obvious I bet they know what time it is
And I'm not being cocky, just confident
Ya know?
[Verse 3: Smoke DZA]
Jets at ya motherfucking jugular
Fat boy of the set, Sour D smuggler
Kush God with the pot, dope b murderer
Harlem World with the flow, tell them niggas double up
I said it's cold out here, bundle up
Especially if ya chick in the back and she tryna cut
Shit I got my bucket low like fuck it though
Girlfriend's tweeting about it
You act like you don't care but you love her though
Niggas catch feelings like them hoes be catching beat
In the Trans-Am with Trade, the cup holder holding heat
My uptown grammar talk my way up out the slammer
Grab some crawfish from Deanie's holla at Rod up in the manor nigga
I'm reloaded thinking about 550's
And how many bad bitches who jump to come and ride with me
Spitta got the 'Rari shit you know my dog
Nigga landed on the money, shit broke my fall
Jet Life

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