Stay Songtext
von Jessica Harp

Stay Songtext

What's keeping me, what's keeping me
God tell me what is keeping me
I thought I saw Resolution yesterday
But he just smiled and waved

What's holding me, what's holding me
Dear God, what is holding me
I thought I knew what laid in store
I didn't count on locked up doors

And all I know is something happened
The wind changed directions
The lovers cried and the birds flew away

Why did I stay, why did I stay

What tied me up, what tied me up
Like chewing gum my feet got stuck
I'm sitting in this rusty room
All prepared to face my doom

You laughed at me, you laughed at me
Said that kind of life don't come for free
I smiled, said no, and not much does
But why are my feet still stuck

Again signs all pointed to
Following my simple truth
The lovers cried and more birds flew away

Why did I stay, why did I stay

I can't be a walking restriction anymore
I can't deny what fate's got in store
Why do I stay, why do I stay
Please tell me I don't have to stay

Friend told me I'll lend you some change
Go find out who's calling your name
Leave your goodbyes with me tonight
Don't mind what's wrong just go set it right

Last boarding call to LA
Take your tickets here, right this way
Don't care if I become a star
I just wanna play my guitar

Something's happening
The wind changed directions
The lovers smiled and the last birds flew away
I didn't stay, I didn't stay
I flew away
I flew away
Don't stay
Fly away

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