Bonus Material Songtext
von Jenny Hval

Bonus Material Songtext

In the second I opened my mouth to sing, "Who am I?"
Listen, I am something other
I am my skin and my hair

But also something that is you, your other
Your other is oozing out of me
Booming back at you
And the mirror follows you

Where this new eye
In a sound but also a manifestation of silence
And emptiness
I remember the entrails of an animal
That I stepped on
That collapsed more open
And was oozing out

It's mine and yours to give
It is my strange new eyes
You listen beside me
Dip my finger in it and put it in your mouth

'Cause my mouth is your mouth
Start with the words, and those notes, and those synths
A marriage of byproducts
You and I, a marriage of bonus material

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