Round and Round Songtext
von Jennifer Nettles

Round and Round Songtext

Go down this dirt road about a half a mile
You'll find that old brick church still standing there
With it's holy oaks so burdened with Spanish moss
That its very limbs seem to bow in prayer
And there's Jesus in the air

Pass the cemetery where all the young people go
Cause there is no where else that they can drink
Where the law won't bother them and no ne will know
Cause sometimes a young woman just needs to think

Talk to the old black men who will make the observation
That we're still grouped into the haves and have-nots
Yeah, it's been a long time since integration but
It seems some folks here they forgot

It's every virtue and every vice
It's a big fat Americana slice
But there's space down here in this little town
And I can spread my arms and spin round and round

Well you don't have to be Baptist to escape hell's flames
But it wouldn't hurt to have one as a friend you know
We all go to bed early, don't take the Lord's name in vain
But if it's good beer and food you better believe we go

If you're in the mood for a scare tonight
There's a topless bar just up the interstate
Otherwise I'll see you in bowling shoes
Or in 3-D glasses or on roller skates.

Well we are quarterbacks and homecoming queens
And we are best all around and most likely to succeed
And it's Friday night and the back seat's getting hot
It's the hicks against the hippies in the parking lot

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