Path to Isolation Songtext
von Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)

Path to Isolation Songtext

It starts
With the unexpected loss
Of something dear
The warmth
That comforted and cradled
Just disappears

And in its place there's nothing
Just an endless empty hole
The light that showed the way is gone
And darkness takes control
Bitterness and anger
Are quick to fill the void
The path to isolation
Is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed

The cold
Seems to grow in my soul
It's consuming me
And I'm losing myself
In the storm
Growing jaded
Being pushed being pulled
I'm unraveling
Can't find myself when I'm
Constantly forced to conform

Enemies surround me but
The worst appear as friends
Liars and pretenders
Only seek to reach their ends
Everything is breaking
Right before my eyes
Looking in the mirror
I see someone that I don't recognize

The joy
That my heart used to know
Is eluding me
And the one thing I feel is alone

Smile's faded
And I'm spinning and sinking
I'm weakening
Frozen in solitude
Loneliness chills to the bone

Memories escaping
As my heart begins to drain
Scars that cover wounds
Can't hide the self-inflicted pain

Everything my mind wants
In conflict with my heart
Fighting back surrender
But every day I'm falling more apart

Mirror what's this thing i see?
Who is staring back at me?
A stranger to my heart has filled my mind
Help me
Who am I?

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