Chorine My Sheba Queen Songtext
von Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Yim Yames

Chorine My Sheba Queen Songtext

Chorine! Chorine! Chorine!
Your eyes are like my sky
Wherever you go I want you to know
Its there my love will fly!

I miss my sweet Chorine
Most everywhere I go,
And I tell you know cause I want you to know
She's the best I ever saw

Chorine your form's divine,
Chorine your heart so true;
If you are lookin' for a heart of gold,
Chorine will do, do, do.

My lovely sweet Chorine,
I love you best of all;
In early spring when Lovebirds sing
Or in the dreary fall!

Chorine! Chorine! Chorine!
Has anybody seen Chorine
She took off running like a new machine
Chorine my Sheba Queen

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