The Ocean Songtext
von Jani Lane

The Ocean Songtext

(Bonhamjonespageplant) (4: 28)
(We've Done Four Already But Now We're Steady And Then They Went:
One Two Three Four)
Singing In The Sunshine Laughing In The Rain
Hitting On The Moonshine Rocking In The Grain
Ain't No Time To Pack My Bag My Foots Outside The Door
Got A Date I Can't Be Late For The High Hopes Hailla Ball
'Got A Hell Hound On My T(R)Ail'
'Cause It's Hell I'm Headed For'
(No One Really Knows Which One It Is)
Uhhuh! Oh Oh Yeah!
Singing To An Ocean I Can Hear The Ocean's Roar
Play For Free Play For Me And Play A Whole Lot More More!
Singing 'Bout Good Things And The Sun That Lights The Day
I Used To Sing On The Mountains Then The Ocean Lost It's Way
I've Been There (I Don't Know?)
Oh Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah!
Na Na Na La La La
Sitting Round Singing Songs Til The Night Turns Into Day
Used To Sing On The Mountains But The Mountains Washed Away
Now I'm Singing All My Songs To The Girl Who Won My Heart
She Is Only Three Years Old And It's A Real Fine Way To Start
Oh Yeah!
It Sure Is Fine!
Blow My Mind!
>>(He's Saying _Something_ Here)
Yeah Yeah!
Do Wop A Diddly Diddly
Oh So Good!
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