Anno "Close to the River" Songtext
von Jane Birkin

Anno "Close to the River" Songtext

The Tower walls at midnight burn,
With fraught desire - the rocks beneath,
Are sharp, and wet with fictions blood.
Someone leaps, the other turns ... but who is who.
Forget what you want, but
Don't forget the link that grew me.
That travels deeply,
Through me in the form of every
Thought that I think.
The Loathing and the Love,
Bubbling together at the
Brink of my emotion.
This commotion started
Long before my face was ever
Etched into the Wall of time.
I have both your madnesses inside.
I am in constant disagreement with myself.
But I cannot leave me.
You both cannot leave me,
nor one-another, believe me!
I am the ring that won't slip off with soap.
You've broken the armies inside me,
And now they stand poised and opposed ...
Now there is blood.
Now there is love standing, covered in glory,
and honour lies covered in mud.
You and I, Ma, we built too close to the river.
Look at us washing our minds free of fever.
Brushing off bird shit and bad dreams forever.
And never once turning the tide.
Thank you for pains and concerns
That have made me, In turn more
Unhappy and kind.
I am proud to remind them of you.

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