Precious Songtext
von Jamie Foxx

Precious Songtext

There are things that mean alot to me
Some are more important than others,
But theres nothing more precious than my baby

It looks like the sun is gone,
here I sit all night long,
thinkin bout my baby shes on my mind.
well all of my friends stop by
but I just cant deny, I rather chill with my lady tonight.
Because our lovin is strong and shes got it goin on
she swept me off my feet,
shes so unique.
and she'll come with me,
shes got my back in every way,
and so im not afriad to stop and say, ooohh

It is much to long,
since I had a love this strong,
I cant resist the temptations of life
and I must confess to you.
your type of love is new
when Im with you everything is alright,
Because your lovin' is bold, and it'll keep me from the cold
what I need is your love,
your precious love,
and she'll come with me,
shes got my back in every way
so Im not afraid to stop and say ooohh.

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