Infatuation Songtext
von Jamie Foxx

Infatuation Songtext

oh oh my baby oh
i have waited for so long to hear you say
i wanna spend my whole life with you (yes i do)
well i dont mean to fuss dont mean to push
i know your all alone
but theres just one thing i have to know
is it just infatuation?
or is it real love? (real love?)
is it just infatuation?
well why dont you take me girl
and drive me in your life?
i cant explain it
what you do to me
i get so excited when you call my name
im not ashamed (ah ah)
ashamed to let the whole world see
oh girl just what you do to me
well im like a child thats lost his way
so wont you help me?
(Chorus x2)
is it just infatuation?
or is it real love?(real love?)
Is it just infatuation?
(i need to know right now my darlin please)
why dont you take me girl
and drown me in your love?
come on baby i need to know right now
tell what you think of about me baby?
tell me what you think about me girl?
oh oh oh i need to know right now
come on come on my baby
even if im all alone
gurl you give me strength
i can carry on (your the special kind)
gurl im so confused i don't know what to do
right on right on right on
(im turnin ya love its original)
and like the rain that falls on me
girl ya heal my soul
girl ya set me free
(girl this is how i feel)
well baby ya know how
girl ya see that ya my
my love baby my sweetness
can i talk to you
we really need to work this out
without a doubt
i need to know dont ya keep me hangin on
well theres no need to do me wrong
is this just infatuation?
(come on)i need to know right now(if it's real)
what the deal tell me now come on my sweetness

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