She Loves Me Songtext
von James McMurtry

She Loves Me Songtext

My love she's got her notions
I mostly know the drill
She expects to be remembered
As a pretty woman will
And when she's not she's angry
And somehow I'm to blame
Don't know if I can hang
It's such a complicated game

But she loves me
She loves me

I hear she has another
I hear she likes him well
I won't be home until Christmas
They'll be at it for a spell
It was part of our agreement
I signed off on the deal
I must admit I never saw it
Happening for real

Because she loves me
She loves me

It's an airport novella
adapted for late night TV
I'm not writing the screenplay
It's writing me
It's writing me

He's a parking lot attendant
At a fancy restaurants
He rides his brother's Harley
And he gives her what she wants
And he knows his days are numbered
As far as she's concerned
She'll vote him off the island
The minute I return

'cause She loves me
She loves me
She loves me
She loves me

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