God Bless America (pat mAcdonald must die) Songtext
von James McMurtry

God Bless America (pat mAcdonald must die) Songtext

Look yonder coming mercy me
Three wise men in an SUV
Corporate logo on the side
Air conditioned quiet ride

That thing don't run on french fry grease
That thing don't run on love and peace
Takes gasoline to make that thing go
Now bring your hands up nice and slow

Take us to the land of milk and honey
Sing and dance all night long
What you gonna do with all that money
What you gonna do when the money's all gone

Negotiation's just no fun
And it don't serve our interests none
Gonna turn up the heat till it comes to a boil
The'n we'll go git that A-rab oil

We'll suck it all up through the barrel of a gun
Everyday's the end of days for some
Republicans don't cut and run
Tell me ain't you proud of what we've done

(Chorus x1)

You keep talkin' that shit like I never heard
Hush little president don't say a word
When the rapture comes and the angels sing
God's gonna buy you a diamond ring

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