There's Something on My Mind Songtext
von James Cotton

There's Something on My Mind Songtext

There is something on your mind
By the way you look at me
Something on your mind, oh, honey

By the way you look at me
Can what you're thinking
Bring happiness or will it bring misery?

No, no, please don't try to tell me
I think I'll understand
Girl, girl, you don't have to tell me, pretty baby

I think I'll understand
You want me to try and forget you
But I'll do the best I can

You know it's so hard to be in love
And then someone you love don't love you
Until it gets a heavy burden on your heart

To know that somebody's rocking your cradle
Better than you can rock
Your own cradle yourself

It ain't but one thing left for you to do
Pack your clothes, turn around
Walk slowly out the door
Look back over your left shoulder
Hang your head and think

If you ever think about me
If I ever cross your mind
Girl, girl, if you ever think about me, pretty baby

If I ever cross your mind
Well, you know, you know I'm yours
And I know you're mine

After you can't stand it no more
Then you go on downtown to the pawn shop
And buy yourself a pistol

Then you make it back up on the scene
Where your loved one
And your best friend are now together

You walk right in, you kick down the door
Shoot him, can't shoot her, knowing if you shoot her
All of your longtime life and love is gone forever

By the time you make it up
In your mind for to forgive her
In walks with another one of your friends through the door

Know this gonna hurt you till your heart
And you go right ahead and shoot her
Then you say, "Baby, baby, oh, baby, I'm sorry"
But if she don't love you, know what she say

But if she love you, she'll look up at you
With her last dying breath and say
Do, do, do, do, hmm, oh, yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby, hmm

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