Sniper Elite Songtext
von J Dilla feat. DOOM

Sniper Elite Songtext

To the head
The new June Moon shootin on a Blue Lagoon
Shoo, as DOOM zooms in on a Platoon
Z-zing! Sniper Elite
Swipe em off his feet on this type of heat beat
Stranger on a solo misflow dolo
Paid. Played the position by the poles glow
Heard it on the TV promo
Swear it ain't me in the P.E. Logo
Remote control in his overcoat Polo
Go for broke, get the dough, float on the go-go (Heh)
Hopes and praise out of phase with the... straight through the middle
Crews hate the new riddle, too... late too little
Operation Doomsday complete
On the Jump street dump the heat

One shot, one kill
Spotted him, got his off the top, done deal
Spill your guts, they say they said the Don dead good
You could ask the dread in your hood or John Ed Wood
The truth is in the not on the bottle bottom
Black devils is the worst, first you gotta spot em
Ain't never get stuck on their boats
And don't give a fuck if he gettin their votes
At most he may exchange pleasantries
Really don't go for the sex change energies
Or Ben 'n' Jerry's berries
Friends with make pretend fairies
Who take men's cherries
Just don't boycott his shit
The fake first amendment
Foils the plot, mischievous midget

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