Fire Wood Drumstix Songtext
von J Dilla feat. DOOM

Fire Wood Drumstix Songtext

Dilla, Dilla, mix, mix, mix
Y'all know what it is, villain
Dilla, Dilla still the best
Ahem, one two, one two, one two

They scared of this track like a terrorist attack
Prepare to get back when he's wearing just black
Get a dog, they soft like a peach
Rhymes like sand on beach, off the leash, screech

Deep wells, spells, "Saved By The Bell," L
Well behaved and gave 'em hell
Walked on gilded splinters
In a handstand stalked the crill-lit winter

Coldest ever, midnight, break day like loaves of bread
Cleverly way overhead
Nicest beat maker east of the equator
From the greater good, your hood to deep theta

Take a leap of faith and scrape a heap of eighth
Face all chafe, have the whole place strafe
Toodle-loo, use your noodle or it'll use you
Two for two, you oughta wadoo when you cruising through

Later than the last 48 post traumatic stress
In a post hypnotic state, got it? Great
These things is not toys
Only to be handled be kings whose got poise
Not boys, you hear me, twerps?

Story rings nearly like the McCleary versus the Earps
Hey, you want to stay in your genre?
Then protest the villain them rendition of, "La Bamba"

Emcees speaking and they in need of some hohoba
All this up in here malik yoba, pro bruh
Attack the track like a lumberjack, quick
Chop it down to size fire wood is drumstix

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