Who Can You Trust Songtext
von Ivy Levan

Who Can You Trust Songtext

The heart is a hunter
And hard as a stone
Cold blood in the chamber
Bullets hung bold

Into the night you will fall
Where there′s no wrong or right
Rough justice for all

Love, is powering lust
When you're hungry for a hero
I′ll feed you sweet lies but
Who else can you trust

The song of the siren
A moth to the flame
Deliver the poison
Then forget my name

Into this web you will crawl
Ever ignoring, every warning
Cause you, you want it all

Come, and drink from my cup
The clock is striking zero
Bring me to boil, I'll give it up

Life, is but diamonds in rust
You may find my smile deceitful
But after it all, who else can you trust

When you're all alone
And there′s no one round
I will call you up
Just to bring you down

If the price is right
I will sell you out
But no one can touch
The way that I touch you

Oh, when you′re down in the dust
In the fight for good and evil
Bet on both sides, do what you must

This love, is not meant for us
We're not like other people
You′ve got my number
But who else can you trust.

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