By the Way Songtext
von Itchy

By the Way Songtext

Shaking my head but I cannot see straight
Turn up the sound cause I wanne lose weight
I run a red light I'm unable to wait

One more chance and nothing to lose
Sweat and blood is what I would choose
Strings and stricks are the favorite tools
Fortune favors fools

And by the way
I guess I forgot to say
I want all of this to stay
So give it up give it up give it up
I wil lnot walk alone
Cause I found a place called home
This is where I'm gonna ream
So give it up give it up give it up give up - I go!

I drank too much and I slept too less
I lost my head - I would never confess
Bad comments in the music press

What I just found is a new way out
Where I belong is where it's too loud
Let's unite with another wild crowd
That's what we're all about

Whatever there may come
It's waiting there for me
Whatever you would hate
Is my reality
I love it to the bone
I'll never let it go
That's all you need to know

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