The Road of Bones Songtext
von IQ

The Road of Bones Songtext

and morning finds my night's work
lights the remnants on display
I do not seek forgiveness
nothing to absolve

for now the need is met
I almost hate myself
but not quite

they survey the flows unseen
the cold countenance of hell
and they hang their heavy heads
I'm seen as death itself

fear beholds this fragile down
extends for miles around
I've taken all control
for I am someone now

the shadow cross my face
all the signs of my mistakes
shallow graves I mark with stones
as I walk the road of bones

we dance
our own kind compelling dance
the arcane
reach you all observed
I will see this whole thing through
if I only just keep my nerve

all the journeys I've retraced
to return me to this place
I do not walk alone
as I build the road of bones

their damn shock of reactions
what it's for
for love nothing and
I won't be ignore

they've got sirens and all that nervous force
they could see
I could dance
it's own reward

the shadow cross my face
all the futures yet to waste
shallow graves I mark with stones
as I walk the road of bones

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