Howl at the Moon Songtext
von Indigo Girls

Howl at the Moon Songtext

Oh Annie, I am sorry for the grief
Young sister to my lover, I know you both would rather be
On that rough road through the woods of Michigan
Young and free and building something on the land
Where ya howl at the moon

It′ll cost you, but not enough to bring you down
That's been my lesson, ever since you drove me round
Be a fighter, like the elders who have cried
"Oh mercy, we will not satisfied, ′til we are free
To howl at the moon, one and all

'Til we are free, howl at the moon

I found her dancing, but I could not dance along
I found her singing, but I could not sing the song
Being happy was not a promise I could keep
In spite of all that, she has tried to deliver me
So, we are free to howl at the moon, one and all

Oh mystery, won't you please deliver me
From this body of pain, that I give into everyday
With my mind and my breath, any fight that I have left

I found myself on the streets of this college town
Yearn for youth, but all I do is limp around
I′m the fool who wants to wear that fickle crown
She says, "Let ′em have it, let those kids fight to be found
'Til they are free to howl at the moon
To fight, ′til we're all free to howl at the moon
One and all
One and all

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