Ilse DeLange
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Flying Solo Songtext
von Ilse DeLange

Flying Solo Songtext

'Cross the Bering strait
To a foreign land
I took to the sky just like I planned
Left my old life behind
There in the ice and snow
Followed a rainbow to Mexico

Somewhere this side of lucky just shy of goin' down
There's a pilot with her wings on fire
And she doesn't even notice,
She got magic on her mind
'Cause she's flyin' solo for the first time

Flying solo
Like an angel in the night
Flyin' solo
Across the great devide
I've been down so low, now I'm up so high
There ain't nothin' short of dying
Is gonna make me change my mind
Flyin' solo, flyin' solo

Like a fallin' leaf
I fell down from your tree
Chalk one up to prosperity
In search of warmer waters
I'm like a bird gone south
Don't know just what I'll find
But I'm finding out

Now here I'm dancin' with the moon
Spinning out of control
Never be the same again
'Cause there's a place under the horizon
Where it hardly ever rains
The sun is always shining
Freedom is it's name

- Chorus -

Around the world that's where I'll be
Amelia Earheart's got nothin' on me

- Chorus -

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