Cry for Love Songtext
von Iggy Pop

Cry for Love Songtext

Status seekers - I never cared.
Once I found out they never dared.
To seize the world and shake it upside down.
And every stinking bum should wear a crown

Sayin′ I cry for love.
Till all the plates are broken.
Cry for love.
Until my eyes are soakin'.
Yeah cry for love.
On every salmon mornig.
Cry for love
′Cause imitation's boring.
Cry for love.

Bad tv that insults me freely.
Still I know what I'm dyin′ to see
Meaningful embrace.
Sometimes my self-respect took second place.

An′ I cried for love.
I did what my heart told me.
Cried for love.
Can't stand it.
When they scold me.
Yeah I cried for love.
On every salmon morning.
Yeah I cry for love.
′Cause imitation's boring.
Cry for love.

Surfers ride for love and wipe out when it hits ′em.
Soldiers kill for love and nobody admits it.
If you're cryin′ for love well, that's ok don't sweat it.
If you′re cryin′ for love then there's still a chance you′ll get it.

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