La Neige Songtext
von I Have a Tribe

La Neige Songtext

Coming up from down a mine
A rose is very fine
You take shelter when you need it, babe
Hurt me if you must

This colour bathes your feet
A woman on the street
Had a french hat and a kin
Helped me to be sane

And now a change is coming
And now the pains let the song in
How it's displayed in the open
How we play is unspoken

There is magic in these eyes
The way to leave it all aside
There are two voices and one head
One I strive to let live
One I wish to see dead

And we would be tried seperately
In one cell, one judge, both me
One would speak
And one would sing
She would raise up everyting

See how this friend leaves a message
Three dots painted on the passage
How it is gestured with her sweet face
How we play is an embrace
How it's displayed
When we are working
A sweet, so reveal, so I see searching

And I am a loss for words
When this occurs
Through the seasons
Reveals the reasons
And I'm loss for words
When this occurs
Through the seasons
Reveals the reasons

Take the right to be human

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