Loose on the Leaves Songtext
von I Am Legion

Loose on the Leaves Songtext

known to turn slave words loose on the leaf
glued to the beat like goo to your new sneaks
true heat, spread askew through these zoo streets
peaks a few reached, true a dude speak unique

tell to switch it up, bless 'em with the new me, ooh
food for thought, its a recipe from a sufi
who choose to speak and truth seek its his duty
and shine a light, in the night, when the city's gloomy

i'm on some abstract preambling
mad max factor, badlands that we travel in
hairline fracture any wack rapper at a whim
swear a fine actor dab hand at the mandolin

you can't handle him, his whole flow is out of phase
moves like a ghost or some lost soul from outerspace
boldly missioning where few dare to reach
known to turn slave words loose on the leaf

with this kind a momentum it's too hard to stop me
these guys are acetate i'm more like a rock piece
ora shock streets turn a mock doctor knock need
got e's and other such concocts to shot skeen

my shit is hardly sloppy
actin like i cared rockin half a paper poppy
operation solid not shaken like fast jalopies
nor opaquely pink like faintly inked carbon copies

i'm a time-travellin' academic to some i'm just a menace
tryin ta catch a quick handful from they penance
never were they ever further from the truth
but their paranoid perceptions of the boy act as f-x

and thats something like a force field
next flex positively powered but the core's real
raw steel four wheel drivin', lift the quartz shield
morse spiel, dottin off my messages with forged seals

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