To Love You Rightly Songtext
von Hunter G. K. Thompson

To Love You Rightly Songtext

The sky bares for us a dawn and a dusk
As the sun fades another day is gone
This life won't last long like wind on a stone
I see I'm nothing but just salt and dust

My bones they will break my name it will fade
What remains of a man beyond his days
What time cannot take what dwells in my veins
Only love purest love withstands the grave

Above all else that these hands complete
Let your love always be
Be the prize my heart will seek
Beyond the day I die
And though these days are numbered young and nighttakes hold my sight
It's You my heart will choose to like until the end of time

Jesus Christ it's for love I give my life
Through my days and through my nights
I choose to love you rightly

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