I Ain’t Perfect Songtext
von Huey Lewis and the News

I Ain’t Perfect Songtext

Bill Gibson/Huey Lewis
Sub-Par Music/Huey Lewis Music. All rights administered by Hulex Music, ASCAP.

I was gone
I admit it, but baby, so were you
And I was wrong
Sometimes, baby, so are you
I might be less than ideal
But baby, you know I′m for real
I ain't perfect

You got angry
Yes you did, you said I wasn′t home
But you're pretending
You know as well as I that I was alone
Baby, I heard what you said
And maybe I don't use my head
But honey, I am what I am
Try to understand
My heart′s in your hand
I ain′t perfect but I'm perfect for you

People talking
You hear them talking, saying I don′t care
But don't you believe them
′Cause only fools believe everything they hear
And if I don't do all I should
That don′t mean I'm no good
"Cause honey, I am what I am
Try to understand
My heart's in your hand
I′m not perfect but I′m perfect for you

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