100 Years From Now Songtext
von Huey Lewis and the News

100 Years From Now Songtext

If I don′t treat you like a lady
You won't hold my hand
And you don′t like it when I call you baby
Don't you understand
Even though we don't see eye to eye
That′s no reason to say goodbye
You gotta learn to give and take
There′s so much love we can make

Even though we might be having a few doubts
Let's take the time and try to work things out
The little things we fuss and fight about
Ain′t gonna matter 100 years from now

I admit i'm a little lazy--isn′t everyone
And you let things drive you crazy
Sometimes you act so young
Even though we don't realize
We′d be foolish not to compromise
'Cause what we have is all we've got
Believe it or not
We′ve really got a lot



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