Stay Songtext
von House of Heroes

Stay Songtext

The last time you walked away
You left this weight with me,
It's in my heart it's on my back,
I think it might bury me,
I wanna cast you out,
But that's just half of me,
The other half believes there's more to us than tragedy,
But I can't do it on my own

Stay, stay, stay,
Or don't come back if you walk away,
I can't go on like it's all the same,
So stay...

Don't tell me you're not safe,
It sounds like a dare to me,
And if you doubt don't shut me out,
That's not fair to me,
I know i hurt you too,
When I'm looking for clarity,
But all I know is when I go, I want you there with me.
'Cause I can't do it on my own,
And if I got you I think I could hold on, hold on...

Because I can't do it on my own.

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