By Your Side Songtext
von House of Heroes

By Your Side Songtext

Born on the plains, a farmer's sons
And brothers the same, raised on promises...
We'd stay that way.
As boys we believed, summers at the sea
We were free to become men of good will...
Side by side.

And we were children then, foot prints in the sand
And where the ocean bends, we made our promises...
He knows.

Duty soon called, 1943 we enrolled,
Together we would be our family's pride...

And we were soldiers then, our bodies in the sand
And like that sand through our hands,
Go our grandest plans.
And just to see your face for one moment,
I'd cross the ocean again, the end... is not the end.

And I'll be by your side, on the other side(x2)

And through the cloud of death,
We find our way back home.
And though I hold your hand,
All must go alone.
And when you see the face of our Maker,
You don't have to be ashamed,
He knows the promises we made.

And I'll be by your side, on the other side.

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