Hallelujah Jordan Songtext
von Hothouse Flowers

Hallelujah Jordan Songtext

Hallelujah Jordan he went to the nearest bar he ordered
Whiskey and Soda
See how far he'd get to forgetting her

He met her in an all night cafe
And they sat all night drinking coffee
And talking, and they found they had a lot in common
And later on they went back to his place and sat till dawn
Laughing, Talking, yeah, they found they had a lot in common

He was young
He had a young spirit
They could have kissed all night
And he knew that he loved her, yeah

But now you'll find Hallelujah Jordan in some unknown late bar
Trying to tell strange folks his secrets and his problems, yeah

Yeah, you'll find Hallelujah Jordan in a late bar in the ghetto
Wine stains on his belly and Oh He'll tell ya
How she was falttered by a smart young man
He drove a fast car and Ooh Ooh she went

Hallelujah Jordan, you can tell me your secrets
You can tell me your problems
I think I know what you mean

Now Hallelujah loves the bottle more brittle than her body
More brittle than the heart that she'd broken, yeah

Hallelujah left this town
The next drink he had he drowned, Oh
Finally drowned his sorrows, Yeah

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