A Child’s Prayer Songtext
von Hot Chocolate

A Child’s Prayer Songtext

Say a little prayer, baby, 'fore you go to sleep
Say a little prayer and give the lord thy soul to keep
Say a little prayer, darlin'
For all the people in the world
That their hearts will be happy, filled with joy

Say a little prayer for all those who are poor
That they'll find peace of mind and the ones they adore
Say a little prayer, baby
For all those who have much more
That they'll find it in their hearts to lend a helping hand

Nobody goes to church on Sundays anymore
Is that why the world is fighting, filled with wars
Nobody goes to church or thanks the lord for what they eat
Is that why half the world is starving
Running out of necessities
I wonder - wonder if we're doing right

Say a little prayer, say a little prayer
Say a little prayer, say a little prayer
Say a little prayer, children

So say a little prayer, baby
For all the children just like you
Growing like a flower in the morning dew
Say a little prayer that they may grow to see
The world full of love and harmony

Mm mm mm...

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