Paper Planes Songtext
von Horseshoe Gang feat. Crooked I

Paper Planes Songtext

Girl I like it when you pop that thing, that's that shit
You truly blessed to have an ass that thick
Hustle all day so I have to admit
I turn down way more pussy than I get
Cuz it's cash over bitches, C.O.B
Currency over broads, I'm a D-O-G
Let's fuck in the club, we can be lowkey
That ain't what I said, that's what she told me
By 12, the liquor start creepin' in
By 1, you speakin' to my evil twin
By 2, the good girl speech begins
By 3, my nuts underneath your chin
Get it girl, yeah it's one of them things
Genetics aside, I wanna run in them jeans
Paper planes, what does that mean?
To make it plain, my money got wings

Yeah, throw money in the air, throw it up like you just don't care
Last song we made it rain, this song throw paper planes
Delta, jetBlue, American Airlines
My money got wings so I give it some airtime
My time is money and I got it to spend
So if I throw a couple dollars, I'm just spending my spare time
I'm tryin' to get ya to my casa, Miss
You should play like the Gaza, strip
Meet my magic stick, I'm baggin' tricks
Cuz my bag of tricks is bottomless

You wanna roll with a boss or what?
I tip strippers but I know it don't cost to fuck
From here to Wisconsin, girl I get Milwaukee Bucks
I get bread, word to Pac, I toss it up
Yeah, real talk, I'm a fucking cash fiend
My money keep me up, call my money caffeine
Paper planes, what does that mean?
To make it plain, my money got wings

Go, go, shake it 'til you make that dough
Yo, shake it 'til you break that pole
Yo, shake it 'til you make that thang clap
Let a nigga spank that
Yo, yo, paper planes
My money got wings like a paper crane
See these broads stay stuck to my fly-paid butt
Throw it high, way up, we make it plain

I love to floss, that's a problem that Sieg have
I get green, so I cop it if I need that
My last watch price was amazing
Reverse daylight saving, my time set me back
But I get paper so I can't complain
My niggas off the leash but we stay in chains
Paper planes, what does that mean?
To make it plain, my money got wings

Now come real close and throw that cash
My money is flying first class
But if I throw it from far away it's flying coach
Either way, you'll never be broke
Yeah, you're kinda hot lil mommy, and that's no lie
My money got wings, you wanna see it fly?
You gotta work that body, break it down to the ground
Big stacks gonna take off, when you hear this sound

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