It's All Good Now Songtext
von Hopsin

It's All Good Now Songtext

Aye, hold on change that sound like a piano or something it sounds stupid I don't like that, okay yeah
Yo, you ever had a homie who was fake as fuck
(Yup) Hate your guts, but the moment you came rolling through ballin'
They wanna say what's up
(What's up) knowing that you finna' be hot
(G) but I don't owe you niggas diddly squat
(Nah) so here help me out by kicking these rocks
Before I got my deal you use to back stab me
(What?) Laugh at me, tell these women I act nasty
(Ewww) So what?
You hooked me up with the girl that yes, I'm datin' now
But I know if you had the chance to fuck her you would take her down
You slipped up like you done stepped into an oil leak
Now you got me heated up and boiling
You the definition of unloyalty
Probably plotting how to go destroy the scene
But you'll never destroy the royal king
I know you always reminiscing
(Uh-huh) and mad cause I'm resisting and won't take the time to listen making us more distant
You on that cold hearted shit

Look how Hollywood Marcus is
You could have been a part of this, but shit you'll probably
Fuck my girl and keep it on the down low
But yo it's all good now though
You tried to, leak my songs and give em' free downloads
But yo it's all good now though
Now if you thinkin' you my buddy
But always acting funny
Then you'll never be close to me
(Fuck that!) Said if you thinking you my buddy tryin' strip me for my money
Then you'll never be close to me
(Fuck that!) Nigga, friends, friends, how many of us have them, I don't really know anymore
I gotta about 3, 4, 5 of them left
And they like my brothers, yes
They all reside on the West
They're down to ride nothing less
That's what their supposed to do
No, but you, walking around like you don't even know the rules
Putting me in bogus moves
Got me stressed out doing yoga moves
(Shit) You ain't no homie, just a load of duke
You mad cause honeys never notice you
(Well) Do take it personal
(Why) You'll never look half as good as I do in person nope
I'll never hold you down
I'm flossing on you now
I'm causing problems my momma like Hopsin, awww you foul
I know it's you who's calling blocked ID
But you will not find me
I'm not lying, so stop trying
It's just a waste of time and you a waste of mine
Say goodbye this song is for you George, since you're a grateful guy
Friendship has been fucked
Quit hittin' SwizZz up
You calling him like you tryin' give him a free dick suck
You ain't a part of the movement, stupid you just blew it
And this shit right here proves it
And don't you email me talking about yo, what's up fool
Thank you for all that you done for me but fuck you
And if you wanna act like a rowdy ape and retaliate
Meet me in the alley late
I'll serve yo ass the Cali way
So don't you dare give my CD's a leak
I'll get your ass easily
Your girlfriend lives right up the street from me
I'll snatch her out from underneath the sheets and while she screams police
I'mma just talk to her grimy like I was made to sneak
Well congratulations you've been dissed
Don't get mad at me, cause who did this?
You did this, so what did we learn today?
Never leak your friend's songs
Cause if you think I'm gonna let it slide
Then you damn wrong
I trusted yo ass man
You had my whole fucking album sitting there on your damn laptop
Leaking my shit, you're a mothafuckin' leaker
I'll never trust yo ass, rawr!
Friends, friends, how many of have them, I don't really know anymore
Friends, friends, how many of us want them, I don't really need anymore
Friends, friends, how many of have them, I don't really know anymore
Friends, friends, how many of us want them, I don't really need anymore

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