Haunted House Songtext
von Holly Humberstone

Haunted House Songtext

They say this house is haunted
But all these ghosts I′ve grown with
As it slips away from me
I still hold on hopelessly
I lay my head to sleep and say goodnight

Bringing up four daughters
Made the house a fortress
Dirty knees and honey bees
And nowhere else would sting as sweet
Can't believe we′re turning off the lights

And one day I'll drive past you
If I recognise you
I'll try not to stay too long
See the soil I grew upon
In a couple years I′ll be alright

So darling
Pull the curtains
And in the morning
Let me lie here with you
Don′t say that I'm leaving (don′t say that I'm leaving)
In the morning
Let me lie here with you

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