To Drift Songtext
von Holly Henry

To Drift Songtext

You like to drift across the world
You left your family your leaving your girl
And darling I know that you don't have any vices
Don't have a heart of gold but your mind is priceless

And I know you haven't quite found you niche
You either driving for miles or your stuck in a ditch
I don't want you to think that you have no direction
'Cause you're too god damn smart to be filed in a section

And I know you've got something to prove
But I, I settle down with you

I like how you don't talk over all
But when you got something to say no one could make you stop
I hope you know I hang up on every word
'Cause I feel you understand me like no one else could

And I know you're on the move
But I, I settle down with you
And I know you've got something to prove
Yeah but I, I settle down with you

Love you need to realize
The people like you make a dent in time
Not that you ever gonna need me at all
But if you want to see me just give me a call

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