Tug of War Songtext
von Highway 9

Tug of War Songtext

Desired and loved like a queen, you wanted to be
So pull with all the strength in the world and set yourself free
You wanted and got it from somewhere else
So make up your mind if you can
The memories we made that you can\\\'t forget
The tears break like waves
And our words wash away in the sand

I\\\'m no winner, and she\\\'s no reward
The pain that\\\'s in her, so hard to endure
This side defeated, in this tug of war
I\\\'m sorry for things I said, that I didn\\\'t mean
The things that I tried to confess got lost in between

Believe me, deceive me, I look in your eyes
And think that your heart\\\'s in my hands
The memories we\\\'ve made that you can? t forget
The tears break like waves
As our words wash away in the sand

Pulling the weight of the world...

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