Miss U Girl Songtext
von Hi-Five

Miss U Girl Songtext

Long time I really miss you girl, you stay on
My mind I really miss you girl
Lately I've been wonderin' how it would be to be in
Love with u again its been just a memory long time
You'll see I still care for you aw yeah I think of all
The times I could have been with you silly of me to
Neglect your love I know that your the one I wanna
Be with so girl dont give up cause i've been missing

Since you've gone away I've learned
To be a man with more sensitivity
One more chance girl, one more
Chance and I love you so and I wont
Let go why I really do miss u girl I
Want you to stay with me girl wont
You stay with me I really do miss you girl I want you
Stay with me till the end of time

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