Now & Forever Songtext
von Henrik B

Now & Forever Songtext

Vain hope
Darkens every sense
Eclipse - wielding the shadow inside
Forced to be at one with
The going down of the sun
In a dream
Bring into being the truth
Make-believe humanity
A mind behind closed doors

Wielding the shadow (repeat)

Whatever came to pass now gone
Never again to see the light
This is the end of all we thought
Would last forever and ever
Yet with the stains now all withdrawn
Into the blind forgiving night
The memories of what is yet to
Be no more there forever

Wielding the shadow (repeat)

Going through changes to escape
A world - mirroring only defeat
Torn between realities
A life so very empty
In a daze
Slowly beginning the long
Journey back to sanity
The fight against the self

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