You Goin’ Down Songtext
von Heather B.

You Goin’ Down Songtext

Heather B and I'ma spit it for a minute
Watch my team and my money while I'm in it
Hurt the competition, start a rap clinic
My repertoire?
I own it and I live it
Can you dig it?
I'm here for the long haul
Who stopping me from ballin like Chamique Holdsclaw?
Single, black female, outlaw
Most wanted
Hardcore, to make a brother want more
Put nobody on a pedestal
Too many garbage MC's, rap residue
E'rybody talking righteous ain't responsible
You so busy judging me, but God judging you
I know scriptures too
Play me? Doubt that
Gettin' it? Bout that
I waited for the right one - it's crazy now I found that
Oh bet that you catching on
Sending hollars to my people down in Marion
The Woods, (?)
Booker T and Montgomery I'm a thousand strong
Don't make me start naming 'em

Down baby
You test my love you going down baby
Don't nothing phase me
Down baby
You test my love you going down baby
Down baby

The truth will get recognized
Can't fight the fact, that I rip tracks better than some of these guys
Hella tight from the Bay, to Bed-Stuy
And when I come, I'm comin' through with my head high
Fresh off the red eye
Zoning, all night
Ripping, all mics
Put me at the top, lonely WHAT?
I'll be alright
Nothing, won't stop me kid
I'm livin' life to the fullest thinkin' positive
All these killers on wax sound stupid
Hope you're ready
Hope it wasn't the Henny cause you might have to prove it
Got fakers thinkin' twice now
Cause the moment, of truth might be right now
I'm raisin e'rything from stakes, to eyebrows
So if you want in you gotta pay down 'pon in
Bet I came to move the crowd
I had some
I read your story all over, it's a sad one
But you took a shot at me, that was mad dumb
My Sharpie ink spots like a magnum
You gon' catch a bad one
Your future?
You sounding?
Clown to the world 'cause what I did to you is pitiful

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