Deadweight Songtext
von Heart of a Coward

Deadweight Songtext

You never knew things would come crashing down
Will you ever find the strength to recover now?
Did you ever think that you could run away?
Now bear the weight of your shame

It hurts me just to speak your name
When I lost you again and again
No longer will I be afraid
No longer will I feel this pain

I tried to rid myself of all that was plaguing my life
But I held onto you
So many times I should have just gone with my gut
When my instincts were true

Your words drip with malice and rage
There is no reason for the way you behave
I tried so hard not to turn my back
But there's is no saving someone who just cannot be saved
And now you act like this argument has a meaning or purpose
We are no more than animals fighting over a carcass

I push you away
This has to be the end
I'm left with no choice
You've lost your closest friend

I know what you think- that I must want you dead
But I never hated you
And now I must progress

I am not just going to sit back and watch you tear apart every aspect of my life
You've stripped every ounce of sympathy from my soul
I have no more time to waste on hearing your excuses
Get it through your head; I don't give a fuck!

You're nothing but dead weight.

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