Mother Of Life Songtext
von Headcornerstone

Mother Of Life Songtext

Honour de mother of all life - respect de woman dem
True lioness - she a defend her children
Words from me mouth ya fe destroy all a de heathen
From unno dis Queen Omega you transgress
The life she bringeth forth, man King Selassie I ah bless
An ah thrue de road is rocky she knoweth not distress
Fe feed dem hungry pickeney she worketh restless
Seh me coulda neva disrespect de queen an de empress
Dat's why me big up all de woman whe nah deal wit slackness
Wether inna north, south, east and ah west, ey
Woman live clean an ah meditate godliness
Ca no one can curse she ah who Jah Jah bless

She a de mother of all life - honour de woman dem
True lioness - defend her children yes
Words from me mouth yo fe destroy all ah de weak heart
From unno dis Queen Omega you transgress
Ispect due fe every purin woman
Cause ah she run de place an ah she run de land
When tings ah get red woman ah still carry on
Thrue she put her faith in Jah she hold a firm position
Do anythin fe bun down corruption
Neva try fe put a dollar, nor dime inna she hand
Respect all de woman whe teach de nation
Queen Omega see me de yah de pon de version

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