KMAG YOYO (Alone Together Sessions) Songtext
von Hayes Carll

KMAG YOYO (Alone Together Sessions) Songtext

Well, daddy joined the air force
Said it was a good source
Danger, love and money
But it only led to divorce

Ended up in Abilene
Workin' at a Dairy Queen
Put me in the Army
On the day that I turned 17

Here I am standing
In the desert with a gun
Thought of goin' AWOL
But I'm too afraid to run

So I got myself a new plan
Stealing from the Taliban
Make a little money
Turnin' poppies into heroin

Sergeant didn't like it
So they put me in a hole
I said it's easy shootin'
When they don't know where to go

Threw me on a lily pad
Sent me home to NORAD
Knew I'd be in trouble
But I didn't think it'd be this bad

A stranger wearing all black
Met me on the tarmac
Told him I was sorry
But I ain't never going back

He said you ain't in trouble, son
Learned to fire without a gun
Got a new assignment
Now you working for the Pentagon

Gonna take a trip
Wouldn't tell me what it's for
Gotta to serve your country
Gonna help us win the war

MIT, PhD's
Night and day, they testing me
Ain't what I was thinking
But I'm being all that I can be

I ain't no genius
But I knew it wasn't right
Eating uppers in the morning
And LSD at night

Send me off to deep space
Help them win the arms race
Ola me, oh, mighty
But this shit has got a funny taste

I think I hear the countdown
Hundred feet above the ground
Told me when I'm leaving
But nothing 'bout coming down

Sitting on a bad dream
Thousand pounds of gasoline
Ain't leaving nothing
But some rubble in my slipstream

Mama always said
I should be aiming for the moon
Never would have guessed
That I'd be passing by soon

How the hell did I get here?
Blasting through the atmosphere
Drop my rocket boosters
And I'm shifting into high gear

Bowie on my system
And a bottle on my knee
Armstrong ain't got nothing on me

Hey yo, here we go
Someone wanna get me
Got to come up where the sun don't go

I think I see a bright light
Something 'bout it ain't right
Laid down in a spaceship
Woke up in a fire fight

Tripping from the morphine
Came down in a bad scene
God, don't let me die here
I ain't even 19
I won't ever ask you, Lord
For anything again
Swear it on the Bible
Torah, Koran
Lying in a rhino track
'Bout to have a heart attack
IED got to me
Someone call a medi-vac
I need some fixin'
Now how long has it been
Never wanna go and try
And shoot a gun again
Slippin' out the back door
Wanna join the Peace Corps
Tell me I'm a hero
Now someone else can fight this war

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