In Fear We Trust Songtext
von Hatchet

In Fear We Trust Songtext

This fear inside exists in us all
So vivid - Clear!
Where it began is a mystery to all
We're Living - blind!
Our lives - deprived - it's burning inside
The Lies - begin to unfold

Beyond control designed to take hold
It steals - The mind!
So real it feels we taste it at times
We're Dying - Inside!
Release - The mind - We're losing time
We are - The Killing kind - No!

In Fear we Trust!
In Fear we... Take hold and won't let go
Tearing apart - Slaving the soul - for life
In Fear we Trust!
In Fear we Trust!

If letting go is losing sight - of mind
Then we must stand with all our might
And those who give in to bliss of night
They'll feel no pain but lose their mortal right to Die!

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