Thanatos Songtext
von Harakiri for the Sky

Thanatos Songtext

Childhood ends... ...and all our dear friends leave the town
That we were born in and grew up all together
Yearling is over, but it's quite hard for me to be cheerful about it
'Cause the loss of secureness beggars my confidence by far

Within the end of everyday I get more paranoid
By the certainty of mortality and death
Lunatic, I know, but just because I'm paranoid
Doesn't mean they are not after me at all

It's beyond me and concerning
And just that I know makes me grieve so deeply...
...I don't think we can start all over again...
It's a safe bet, 'cause nothing will ever change...

Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better ones
This happens for sorts of different reasons and most for the wrong
Sometimes I'm on the brink to stab my heart
Because of this sadness
But everything happens for a reason,
Whether we like it or not

This life dulled me abysmally
And crowned me the king of shards
Kept sucking me dry
Till there was nothing left but a mortal apparel
The sons of apathy consigned their souls to escort me
They won't see nor find me among their shadows...

...I'm a ghost now...

At least this claiming of death means nothing
And also life in a sort is just a fallacy
I said before, to love, to die
All rigged in advance, merciless devastating illusions

What you call love or affection is just a figment
Someday you'll see, I was so damn right...
Distorted reflections, daggers cutting lacerations
A lifelong tragedy, scavenging vultures!

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