Love Child Songtext
von Happy Mondays

Love Child Songtext

You bore me, you bore me you teach me, you taught me, you see me, you want me, you buy me, then torch me, you enter and walk me the thing that came out of my mouth sweet mouth when I leave this
Old house I should have a good day should I have a bad should I get something out see what I've had? can I stay a young man or grow old and fat don't need a microphone to say I know bout this and
I don't need a microphone to know where it's at well I got a duster but I don't have a flat how should we cook this? should we let it boil? lets make a love child we both can spoil give it a dee
Use the kindest oil we have to find some good land get the good soil how should we cook this?

Should we let it burn? we both need a wise up we both need to learn the things that come out of your mouth sweet mouth when I leave this safe old house should it be a good thing or should it be
Heres something dying baby but I got to go out your need on the inside where a man like that can shout so if you thinks that's evil shake it up and about get to the tip top take a tall look out
S a leader of people doesn't know what it's about just want s to be a big man has the urge to whip it out well I sold it you bought it you spread it you caught it you don't have to have a big dic
T makes you feel proud I got to find a high point get it out for the crowd you bought me, you bore me you tease me, you taught me you feed me, you fought me you see me then you want me who you b
Me, then touch me you enter and walk me should I have a good day or is it bad should I get some of the things out see what I've had theres something dying baby but I gotta get out

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