Cut 'Em Loose Bruce Songtext
von Happy Mondays

Cut 'Em Loose Bruce Songtext

I'll tell you the story of cut em' loose Bruce He was the man who set the outlaws loose Prosecution say this boys misbehaven He shoot for fun Do pussy, dance and rave Home Im comin home Home im comin home They say this boys got bigger lies Then the whole of England and its all spies But mad old bruce He cut him free Theres nothing left to kill So kill a weed with me Oh I'll see the sunshine Oh I'll see the sunshine again We all got a friend

We call him little lad He has a lot of enemies But we want him back Here he is within four walls We ask obeah to give the jailer a call Tonight im going to party Set the fire round the town Get wired with the boys And shoot the whole place down Old Gilbert McBuston had too much McFuston So they threw him in the lake and took his name I'll tell you the story of cut em' loose Bruce He was the man who set the crackpots loose There I stood in front of Bruce He was the man who let the idiot loose Cut em' loose Bruce Producer Pass him the glass and the foil And give him a boost-poof

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